In just 3 Hours, Find the Ultimate Key to Conquer Your Inner Blocks and transform yourself into a Magnet of Prosperity, Joy, and Abundance.

This is your chance to start a journey of self-discovery, Maximize your income streams, and craft a life beyond limits. Build unshakable confidence and master the art of setting boundaries that empower you to build the life you deserve and desire

What Makes this Workshop Different?

Get access to a live session with hema to to discuss your deep-rooted fears and declutter unhealed traumas blocking your money energy 

Connect with a  like-minded private  community of fearless achievers ready to support you throughout your journey


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People into unlocking their lost purpose


7 fig

Annual income with 7 fig monthly income in 10 months as a life coach


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Live sessions on decluttering and money manifestation

Listen to how People witnessed a Major Money Energy shift from my all-inclusive healing sessions

Working with Hema Ma’am as my abundance coach has been a transformative experience. Her guidance and techniques have allowed me to shift my mindset and invite more prosperity and growth into my life. I’m now more confident and empowered to pursue my financial goals. Thank you, ma’am, for helping me unlock my abundance!


Sarita Tyagi

I recently attended Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar, and it was eye-opening. The practical strategies shared helped me clear my mental clutter and regain focus in my life. I feel lighter, more organized, and ready to tackle new challenges. Highly recommend this webinar for anyone seeking mental clarity!

Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar is a must-attend for anyone feeling overwhelmed or stuck in their thoughts. Her insights and practical techniques have brought a newfound sense of calm and clarity to my life. I now have a clearer vision of my goals and a more organized approach to achieving them. Thank you, Hema, for helping me declutter my mind and regain control!

I’ve struggled with anxiety and a busy mind for years, but after participating in Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar, I finally found effective strategies to quiet the chaos. Hema’s guidance is not only relatable but also incredibly empowering. I’ve learned to let go of mental clutter and focus on what truly matters. This webinar has been a game-changer for my mental well-being.

Cheerful traditional Indian woman on white background. Studio shot.

Divya Rastogi

I’ve attended countless financial seminars, but Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar is in a league of its own. She simplifies complex money ideas into everyday language. Since attending, I’ve seen positive shifts in my finances. It’s like she handed me the keys to financial abundance, and I can’t thank her enough.

Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar is a game-changer for anyone who thinks they’re not ‘good with money.’ Her friendly and down-to-earth style made the whole concept of manifesting money super clear. I’ve started setting financial goals and, guess what? I’m actually reaching them! If you want to improve your financial situation without the jargon, this webinar is a must.

Before Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar, money always felt like a puzzle I couldn’t solve. But Hema’s webinar broke it down into easy, everyday steps. Now, I’m more confident about budgeting, saving, and earning. I’ve even started a side hustle that’s bringing in extra income. Thanks to Hema, I’m on the path to a brighter financial future!

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Bhavya Sharma

Watch this video to get a Sneak-peak at how this breakthrough session will Reshape your life on a whole new level.

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All you need to do is join this intensive LIVE session where hema will personally handhold you to reestablish your connection with your lost purpose

3rd September Sunday 2023
Morning: 11:30 Am IST to 12AM IST Live

3 hour open talk session with the money manifestation master Hema

What If you could tap into the source of these emotions?

Self- sabotage

stuck in fight or flight mode 

Lack of self-respect 

Limitng beliefs

And build a life of high-impact from scratch with flexibility and freedom


  • Find peace in the midst of chaos and liberate yourself from the shackles of needless worry and anxiety 
  • Renewed relationships with your spouse, children,in-laws, co-workers,etc
  • Self- wareness of your underlying triggers for unhappiness
  • Healing generational traumas with easy to follow actionable steps
  • Brainstorming sessions to tap into your innermost reservoir of strengths and find your true calling
  • Better clarity on the crucial areas of improvement for your physical and emotional well-being
  • Develop higher intelligence and decision making abilities aligned with your true sense of purpose
  • Escape the viscous loop of suffering and create a path of infinite possibilities.
  • Fix your money-wounds and strengthen your relationship with money so that you no longer feel the lack of it in your life

Want to get a Glimpse of how we do it?

Watch the video below

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3rd September Sunday 2023
Morning: 11:30 Am IST to 12AM IST Live

3 hour open talk session with the money manifestation master Hema

Here's exactly what waits you in the opentalk session


  • Deep insights into your unknown clutters 
  • Do you have brain fog or a clutter-free mindset to seize the limitless abundance within your reach
  • How clutter affects different areas of your life (health,wealth,money and relationships)


  • Master your money energy  like a pro to keep attracting more of it 
  • Identify the money wounds and shine light on your emotional patterns and limiting money beliefs
  • Learn to stop self-sabotaging beliefs and leverage on your financial strengths.


  • Clear understanding of your emotional triggers 
  • Identify your core negative emotions that cause your triggers
  • Heal your generational traumas and rewrite your story aligned with your true purpose

Topic-4 Abundance Block

  • Release of old energy patterns to allow an abundance of love, joy, health, passion, creativity, and success into your world.
  • A complete Abundance Block diagnosis that cloud your decision making abilities  
  • Unlock the mystery of 24 crucial abundance blocks that could be hindering your growth 

GET TO KNOW YOUR MONEY MANIFESTATION MASTER Hey, I’m Hema: Life Coach And Money Manifestation Coach

At the age of 19, I had no idea what I wanted out of life because I had been raised in a traditional environment where a woman’s role was limited to that of a homemaker. 

Since getting married, my entire focus has been on providing the best possible upbringing for my children. 

When my kids were young, my house was a beacon of love and comfort, but as they got older and headed off to college, the glow faded. 

Feelings of isolation and emptiness led me to dwell on past hurts and future fears, feeding self-limiting beliefs. 

I became conscious of the traumatic experiences of my past that were preventing me from leading an extraordinary life. 

However, I was able to overcome my self-doubt, mend my broken heart from the “I am not good enough” wound, make myself emotionally available, and put in a lot of inner work to boost my sense of worth.

What started out as an exploration of my own identity has turned into a mission to alleviate the suffering of others. 

A combination of decluttering and cutting-edge healing techniques helped me create a life of abundance. 

I raised my money energy as a result of  which my husband’s business was able to flourish and grow 

Since then, I have made it my mission in life to help as many people as I can become more spiritually self-aware. 

And effortlessly produce an infinite number of opportunities, all of which serve their highest self. 

Nothing brings me more joy than handholding you with the lessons of my own self-exploration to find the source of your suffering and help you heal, ultimately allowing you to attract abundance

Still have a few questions ? We've got your back

Who can join this program?

This program is for 

  • Working professionals
  • Homemakers
  • Students
  • People with health issues
  • Relationship concerns
  • Unhappy or stuck in careers
  • Anxious about money
What will be the medium of delivery?

The sessions will happen LIVE on Zoom. The links will be provided in the WhatsApp group. So make sure you join it after making the payment.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes instamojo has credit card facility

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring your best self with a read-to-learn mindset and a pen, notebook, and water bottle in case you feel thirsty. Also, it would be great to ensure no disturbance during the session for the best results.

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is the process of letting go of emotional baggage, toxic relationships, or anything that obstructs spiritual growth and connection to one’s core beliefs or faith in order to find inner peace, purpose, and alignment with the universe.

3rd September Sunday 2023
Morning: 11:30 Am IST to 12AM IST Live

3 hour open talk session with the money manifestation master Hema

All you need to do is join this intensive LIVE session where hema will personally handhold you to reestablish your connection with your lost purpose 
Note: No refunds and No shifting of Batches

No recordings will be provided as the whole purpose of this opentalk is