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I help you become the master of your fate by unlocking your full potential, Defeat fears andd build a life of Purpose and Meaning


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People into unlocking their lost purpose


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Annual income with 7 fig monthly income in 10 months as a life coach


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Live sessions on decluttering and money manifestation



Hours of deep healing sessions to help you build a life of high impact with your unique-purpose

It's high time you took matters into your own hands by taking action today, just like they did

Working with Hema Ma’am as my abundance coach has been a transformative experience. Her guidance and techniques have allowed me to shift my mindset and invite more prosperity and growth into my life. I’m now more confident and empowered to pursue my financial goals. Thank you, ma’am, for helping me unlock my abundance!


Sarita Tyagi

I recently attended Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar, and it was eye-opening. The practical strategies shared helped me clear my mental clutter and regain focus in my life. I feel lighter, more organized, and ready to tackle new challenges. Highly recommend this webinar for anyone seeking mental clarity!

Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar is a must-attend for anyone feeling overwhelmed or stuck in their thoughts. Her insights and practical techniques have brought a newfound sense of calm and clarity to my life. I now have a clearer vision of my goals and a more organized approach to achieving them. Thank you, Hema, for helping me declutter my mind and regain control!

I’ve struggled with anxiety and a busy mind for years, but after participating in Hema Thareja’s ‘Decluttering Your Mind’ webinar, I finally found effective strategies to quiet the chaos. Hema’s guidance is not only relatable but also incredibly empowering. I’ve learned to let go of mental clutter and focus on what truly matters. This webinar has been a game-changer for my mental well-being.

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Divya Rastogi

I’ve attended countless financial seminars, but Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar is in a league of its own. She simplifies complex money ideas into everyday language. Since attending, I’ve seen positive shifts in my finances. It’s like she handed me the keys to financial abundance, and I can’t thank her enough.

Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar is a game-changer for anyone who thinks they’re not ‘good with money.’ Her friendly and down-to-earth style made the whole concept of manifesting money super clear. I’ve started setting financial goals and, guess what? I’m actually reaching them! If you want to improve your financial situation without the jargon, this webinar is a must.

Before Hema Thareja’s ‘Money Manifestation’ webinar, money always felt like a puzzle I couldn’t solve. But Hema’s webinar broke it down into easy, everyday steps. Now, I’m more confident about budgeting, saving, and earning. I’ve even started a side hustle that’s bringing in extra income. Thanks to Hema, I’m on the path to a brighter financial future!

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Bhavya Sharma

 1. Why you often find yourself trapped in your own mental prison

2. Why you constantly collapse into old depressive habits in the face of uncertainties

3. Why your emotions cloud your decision making abilities and slow down your growth

4. Why you are unable to let go of what’s not serving you

5. Why you feel stuck with no clear path forward to opportunities or financial freedom

6. Why your relationships suffer the most 

7. Why you effortlessly slip into victim mentality, which pollutes your money energy  keeping you broke forever

8. Why your self-limiting beliefs and fears stop your dreams from manifesting into reality

And inspite of trying 100 different things, trapped in despair, unable to attract financial freedom

It all begins with addressing the root issue,which is silently holding you hostage in your own mindset and keeping you trapped in pain

Here's how my sessions can help you put an end to hard times and open doors to powerful milestones

You can easily fix your Money worries when you heal your money energy.

This 5 day intense healing program makes you aware of your money wounds and helps you shift from a poverty mindset to an abundant mindset for high-level Living by understanding the ingrained emotional patterns limiting your progress and how to master your emotions such as fear, anxiety,stress, procrastination,self-doubts,low vibrational energies…etc

The best part is that the session is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before; here, you will be able to lift the burden off your shoulders without involving any compex procedures. All it requires from you is to show up, be present, and let the coach do the heavy lifting.

The Only Barrier standing between your current and dream reality is your limiting beliefs

Your past experiences do not define your reality. During the 5-day session, we will slowly decode the hidden self-sabotaging beliefs, keeping you in a victim mindset. 

Cleanse your toxic thoughts by challenging them with a new set of beliefs. While you get rid of your negative thought patterns, you will be able to recognize the unending opportunities around you right now and how to make the most of your unique skills to build a solid foundation for your dream life, a healthy body, fulfilling relationships, and come out of the program as the best version of yourself.

You will continue to suffer until you get rid of your old patterns

After a deep analysis of your old habit patterns you need to focus on in the 5 day workshop, the next step is tapping into all areas of your life and healing them from within piece by piece once and for all  

Remember, healing your inner roadblocks means there is no coming back, which means you will never be the same old version, I wont tell you how to be happy but will help you rediscover the tools within you needed to reach your maximum potential in orderwh to transform your reality 

No matter how difficult it gets, I will not giveup on you until you find your purpose, that Nourishes your soul

Join the League of High Achievers, who became the Hero of their story

Know Your Money Manifestation Coach

I was 19 years old when I first experienced being lost in a sea of uncertainty. I lacked direction as a child because I was raised in a traditional setting where a woman’s role was limited to that of a homemaker.

With marriage, however, everything changed for me. My whole life revolved around doing what was best for my kids. In those early years, my house was a haven of warmth and comfort for my children. But as they grew older and left for college, the radiant glow faded.

Sadness and loneliness set in, drowning me in past regrets and future worries These feelings fed the limiting beliefs that imprisoned me. To finally be free and enjoy an extraordinary life, I knew I had to face my traumatic experiences.

That is when I decided to set out on a quest of self-exploration. Confronting my own insecurities, healing my broken heart from the “I am not good enough” wound, and relentlessly working to fix my inner wounds have all contributed to my self-worth. 

What started as a quest to understand my place in the world has blossomed into a profound mission: to help those in pain. Using decluttering and cutting-edge healing, I created an abundant life.

Amazingly, as I strengthened my financial vibrations, my husband’s company took off and expanded. This success story fueled my passion.

And it became my mission  to spread spiritual enlightenment to as many people as I could. To equip them with the means to easily attract favorable circumstances suited to their highest version.

Teaching others the lessons I have learned through introspection is the single most rewarding aspect of my life. We work together to identify the causes of your pain, help with recovery, and encourage you to prosper in all areas of your life.

Unlock VIP access to my program updates! And stay connected with me on real-time exclusive content

Unlock VIP access to my program updates! And stay connected with me on real-time exclusive content